Saturday, February 12, 2011

Challenge #4....Quick, Easy, & Cheap Valentine's

Hey guys!

So, I wanted to share with you all a very simple little project that I completed today...

So my little boy Jacques goes to Nicholls GTG (Generations Teaching Generations - Preschool)....Monday is Valentine's Day and there class is having a little normally I spend wayyyyy too much time on creating cute little cards, or boxes, or treat bags whenever there is a get the takes too long to make 25 hand made personalized Valentine's Day treats! So....this year I had made up my mind that I was going to do a digital card because that would be sooo much faster and plus I had to have them done by tonight because me and my hubby or going out of town this weekend!

Here is what I did and it was so cheap and they came out really cute....and I didn't spend hours on them!!

1. First....pick a picture you love of your little family or that special child in your life....and head down to Walgreens!!

2. Go to the digital print center and select photo cards .... they have lots of valentine ones to chose from....I chose a 4x8 size card....that had two printed Valentine's Day cards on one 4x8 size all I had to do was cut down the middle and volia....I had two mini Valentine Day cards!!

**But the best part about this is Walgreens has a special until 2/12/11 (so get down there!!) that all Valentine cards / prints (4x8 in size) is only .14 cents per print (so yes you get two cards on one it ends up being .07 cents per card!!!) You can't bet that!! While I was there I stocked up on some candy because that was on sale too (yeah...I like those deals!!)

 Here are the little class favors that Jacques will be bringing to school!

 Here are the supplies I used:
-ribbon, tulle, or string would all work!
-clear bags for candy
-hold puncher

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