Monday, February 14, 2011

Challenge # 5 and #6....and Happy Heart Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to my fellow bloggers!! Hope you are able to spend some time with the people you love today!

I wanted to share with you all the rest of the complete the week! As mentioned in the previous post....I wanted to post things all week that were "Love Inspired"...(sorry for not posting the last two days...but I was in New Orleans....ran a half marathon with my twin sister Aimee, my friend Amanda Ray, and my cousin Annie!) So I am catching up on the two days that I didn't get to post!

(That is race....Annie, Me, Amanda, & Aimee)

So here is Challange # 5:

Tea candle holder...made to create in multiples (I am still working on creating more!)

Here is how I made this little candle really was quite simple!! Because I have a 9mth old...we are in the baby food stage!! Yeah, we go through lots of it!! So, I took one of Juliette's baby food jars (after she ate everything in it) and cleaned it out real good! I used some Sassafras the ones here for both challenge #5 and challenge #6:

Here is what I created with the empty baby food jar....
All you will need to recreate this look is....some decorative stickers, ribbon, and wire (I wrapped the wire around the baby food jar a bunch of times and then I made a handle!!) You can buy wire that is extremely bendable at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I think I will make some of these for easter...might put some grass it in and small little jelly beans...who knows!!

Challenge # 6

Challenge #6 - A Little Inspiring Journal - this was extremely easy to make too....I used various little stickers from Sassafras. I bought a little journal from Office Depot (I fell in love with it because it is just small enough to throw in your purse or with all your craft stuff...and it is made out of cork!!)

Hope you enjoyed the Love inspired week!

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