Thursday, February 10, 2011

Challenge Day #3....Handmade Paper Wreath!

So here is Challenge Day #3 post....A Handmade Paper Wreath!

Read below for directions...super easy and fun!! Just takes some time to fold all that paper!!

So, if you are reading my blog you probably enjoy blogging like I do....well I don't know if you are as obsessed as I am, but on one of my many late nights of blogging....I found a really cool wreath on Crate Paper's Blog (which by the way is one of my favorite scrapbooking companies) that I really wanted to I gave it a try and really enjoyed making it.....I used girly know I can put it on Juliette's door or hang in her room!

So if you are wondering how I made this little is what you need to do....
1. Find your favorite reality TV show or movie....(you will understand once you begin this process of cutting and folding....and you will thank me!!)

2. Grab a few sheets of your favorite 12x12 pattern papers....and cut strips sizes .75" and 1"
To tell you the exact number of strips would be crazy....because I definitely didn't count when making it....but just know you need a you will probably use at least 5 to 6 different 12x12 pattern papers.

3. You will need a styrofoam wreath (flat on one side) , hot glue, liquid glue is optional but I used a lot of it, and crepe paper.
Here are some pics from the one on the Crate Paper Blog made by Michelle Lanning.
She did a Christmas inspired is too precious! Her wreath is a little different from mine...but same concept....she used a lot more paper folds than I did and her's is way cuter!!!

4. After make all your cuts...then you will begin folding!! Here is where the movie comes in....
You will fold in half all of your by one! I put glue on the inside of each make sure it was nice and secure!

5. After all the folding... begin gluing everything down to the wreath (this is where the hot glue comes in handy!!). I only glued folded pieces around the circle and then around the inside of the circle last! Mix and match all the various pattern papers and don't have to put all the .75" strips first and the 1" strips second....really the more random you get...the better it will come out!!

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Anonymous said...

Really cute idea! This could be made for every season and for no reason, just use up left over paper or random paper. Very cute!

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