Monday, September 10, 2012

My upcoming Craft / Garage Sale...

Hey Blogger Friends-

Just wanted to share that I will be having a craft / garage sale Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012 @ my home beginning @ 7:00 am - 12:00 noon!

<<< Here are the details >>>

1. Between owning a scrapbook store in the past, being obsessed with paper and everything else that goes along with it, teaching scrap classes, and antiquing/flea marketing often....I have acquired alot of stuff!! So, I have cleaned organized...and have been planning on having a little sale...because I want to see my goodies in other scrappers hands! Alot of the stuff I really like, but the reality that I will use very small...because I continue to buy the latest scrapbook lines or for scrappers "the new stuff" and never really get around to using the "old stuff"!!!

2. This garage sale will not just be crafty / scrapbook items....I will also have vintage papers and embellishments (lace, dollies, hankies, stamps, etc)

3. I will also have other items for sale besides the crafty / vintage things...our little family moved into our new house last nov. I have stuff that I haven't used since moving into the new that stuff is being sold too!

4. I will have free coffee for all the shoppers and a little open house! So, feel free to grab a cup of coffee and walk around my house if you would like...I will have it decorated for fall time...and maybe something will inspire you.

5. Really hope to see you Saturday, Sept. 22nd!!

<<< My House >>>

Address: 300 Ridgefield Rd.
              Thibodaux, LA 70301

(the corner of Ridgefield Rd. & West 7th)
You will see signs....I plan on posting some!

(This was our house last Nov. before any landscaping!)

<<< Garage Sales in the area >>>

If you want to make it a day of garage are few things to check out that might help you!

First...if you are a garage sale lover then you need to make sure to download the app Garage Sale will map out a route for you...and connect to your GPS on your iphone...really cool!!

Second...check the local newspaper....or check it online...Daily Comet or Houma Courier

Third....come prepared...large vehicle!!!

Hope to see ya'll!! If you have any questions please feel free to email me @

Also one more kick off Fall... since it is my favorite season and time of the year...found this on pinterest....hope you emjoy!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Vintage Wedding + A Hurricane!

Hey bloggers!

Hope you all enjoyed your long Labor Day weekend (and if you are from my neck of the woods...south Louisiana....that have been off for probably more than just an extended weekend!!) Can we say...Hurricane sucked (even though they only called you a CAT 1) .... many South Louisiana residents are still with out power and our children have been out of school for well over a week!

Thank you family was safe and we fared pretty well in Thibodaux, LA....our little city popped up on the map quite a few times....because the eye of the storm came straight through good ole Thibodaux! Which if you haven't been through a hurricane before...when the eye comes through....the sun comes out, the wind stops, the rain stops, and you get a little calmness for a few our case...we were blessed....the eye stalled...yeah stalled....I mean practically STOP....and it was beautiful weather at my house for almost 6 hours! Hurricanes usually move pretty fast, so for the eye to stay over us for that long was pretty crazy! I am counting my blessings this week because so many people very near to us...were not so lucky...levees breaching, homes flooding, roof damages, buildings and schools with lots of prayers go out to them!

Look directly at the center of the will see how Thibodaux is in the middle of the Isaac was blowing over Louisiana.

This was me and the kiddos during the eye of the storm...standing in our front yard...despite all the strong wind...our house stood strong and we were safe...thank you Jesus!

So before the storm blew in...I tackled a big project....decorating/crafting/floral design for a friends wedding!! The entire wedding was vintage through and through and of course I love nothing more than I was in my element and I never considered it work at all!! It was just plain fun!! Don't get me wrong...a DIY wedding is a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun to say the least!

So I wanted to share with my fellow bloggers a few sneak peaks of the wedding decor...the pictures from the photographer haven't come in yet, but these pictures are taken by one of my friends who is a photographer and some of them are taken by me. Hope you enjoy and leave inspired!

The cake!! Ahhhh I loved the way the cake turned out!! First, things first...the cake was made by Little Cakes with Big Attitudes which is located in Alexandria, LA. Isn't this just adorable? The entire wedding was full of sweets...not just wedding cake! Every kind of sweet you can Little Cakes did her wedding cake below plus lots of cupcakes!!!

 The burlap flower was super easy to can click here for a great tutorial from the House of Smiths Blog. 

The Flowers....awwwhhhhh.....quite a task....a labor of love....but they came out great! I will forever love working with is just something that I never get tired of...and each time I do it...I learn more and more! So what kind of flowers did we use...well first and foremost...lots of garden roses (which came all the way from Ecuador!! Yeah...that's right...all the beautiful pink roses you see are a specialized garden rose straight from Ecuador!  All of the other flowers were bought in the US....actually alot of the roses, carnations, and baby's breath were ordered from Sam's...yup...that's can order large quantities from them for a great price and it will ship straight to you!!
This is a picture of some of the bridesmaids bouquets.  

The wedding took place in Washington, Louisiana...have you guys ever been there? Well, well, well if you haven't take a little day is worth it!! It is about a 30 min drive from Lafayette and I can say I know I will be going back again!! From Thibodaux it is at least a 2 hour drive, but really worth it! I mean while you are in the area you can visit some other great places (maybe...Breaux Bridge of my favs!)
Washington is that kind of town that allows you to step into another time in much of the little town has been preserved and one of the most popular sites there is the the Old School House Antique Mall....which is over 40,000 square feet of antique shopping!! I was so busy doing the wedding that I didn't get to stop by...but I am planning on going by soon!

 Here were some flowers right when you walked into the entrance of the building. The wedding venue was awesome to say the least! It was at an old building that had been completely restored....wood floods, exposed bricks, large wood beams running across the get my drift!!?

 Display set up right by the flower arrangement when you walk into the entrance.

 I used tin cans to also decorate and put flowers or greenery in...the mother of the bride...began saving large tin cans for me a few months prior to the wedding and that worked out really well...besides using vintage bottles and vases we were able to have another type of vase!

 This picture is of me holding one of the bridal bouquets...I just fell in love with those garden are the best smelling roses you will ever smell!!

 Here is a picture of the bridesmaids...the bride let them all pick out there own long as they stayed within the pale pink/blush colors she had picked out! Sad... but I don't have a picture of the bride soon as I do...I will post Ms. Kira Davidson!!

 I set up a table in which the guest could leave the bride and groom a personalized note...I cut down some vintage file cards that someone recently gave to me.

 Leave a note and then file it back into the drawer!! 

 This table was set up to give away the wedding favors....Vintage Hankies!!
 The sign reads: "Take a hankie to dry a happy tear"
 Through the mirror you can see a little of beautiful building! 

I know that was alot of pictures, but there will be more I will post a part 2 of this lovely vintage wedding!! 


A Vintage Bridal Shower

I recently hosted a bridal shower at my house for a friend...the entire bridal shower was vintage inspired...I mean would you expected anything else...I guess if you are reading this have kinda of picked up on the theme of my life!

Any ways, I wanted to share some pictures with you from the bridal shower. This was so simple to decorate for and quite easy to put on! The bridesmaids did most of the hard work...I just decorated and did all the flowers!

 This is the sun room / my craft room...when you enter through the back of my house...this is a fold down table that was built into the wall (my house is 75 years old) this is original to the house...on the table we placed wedding shower favors...with a chalkboard sign that stated "Take a favor for planting and Let happiness grow". We put small seeds into craft paper envelopes and sealed with a small button. I used old vintage books and milk glass jars to display flowers and pictures of the bride and groom.
 Here was the cupcake display and one of the flower arrangements I put in an old mason jar. The flowers I used for the shower were various roses, carnations, succulents, and greenery from my garden. The roses and carnations I purchased from a local grocery.

I have a friend at work that makes awesome cupcakes - Lainey Toups - if you live in my area (Thibodaux/ Houma) and ever need a cake or cupcakes - she does great work!! I used mini chalkboard sticks that I bought from the dollar bin at Michael's...wish I would have bought a ton more...because I use them all the time!

Of course we have to serve coffee...I just displayed what was being served on a green vintage chalkboard and put it on a vintage scale that I recently got during a trip to Denham Springs!
So we were able to acquire enough small mason jars for drinking before the I put this old dresser drawer on the corner of my bar and stacked all the mason jars in the was perfect for grabbing!
Of course you need paper straws...right? Where do I order them from...well my favorite two places to shop for party supplies are....Shop Sweet Lulu and The TomKat Studio
The fruit bar...with lots of different dips

Flowers...and I put the little chalkboard sticks in the flower arrangements (bride and groom is Kira & you will see I use the K+W alot!!)

Drink station! 

Hope you enjoyed...I will be following up with a post about the wedding that just took place!!

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