Monday, December 30, 2013

Are you just going through the motions + another Uganda Update!

If you click on the Refuge 127 website you will hear the song by Matthew West "The Motions". I will never get tired of this song and each time I hear it - I am encouraged and motivated to Go. And Feed His Sheep.
 Here is Matthew West performing it live... many times do I fall into this trap...Just going through the motions of life. Being a mom, a counselor, running a business, homework, soccer practice, bath time, clean house, and the cycle repeats and repeats! But, I don't want to go one more day - just going through the motions!! No not me! I don't want to spend my life saying / wishing I would have done more!! I don't want "what if's" in my life or my family's life - I don't want it!! God didn't design me to just go through the motions and he didn't design you for that either!!

My last blog post about Francis has really got me thinking. It's convicting. It's humbling. It's sad, but redeeming at the same time. As Americans we have so much - so much stuff - so many barriers that prevents us from really having a relationship with God. Lots of distractions. You see in Uganda this is one way they are blessed...they don't have the distractions we have.

I just got off the phone with Seth and was able to talk to him for about 20 minutes which has been the longest since he has been there. Because they are no longer in the larger city of Kampala and now at the orphanage site - which is such a remote part of Uganda - the communication is extremely hard. Seth and Shay got an international phone plan (basically renting a phone there) and even with that at times it is hard to hear him and everything is delayed (so imagine 7 to 8 seconds between each thing you say). "Can you hear me"....pause 8 seconds...."yes I can hear you"....pause 8 second delay..."how are you"...pause 8 second delay....LOL! You get the point!

So I am going to get real for a little while...really real...

We can't find time to read our bible, go to church, minister to someone, share the gospel....all because we are too busy....too busy on our ipads, iphones, laptops, and just keeping up with a life that isn't real any way. One thing the children and adults at the orphanage in Uganda have that we don't as Americans...No Barriers! They have very little barriers that prevent them from having a relationship with God. They rely on him 100%. You see in America we have gotten really use to relying on man not God. We are sick - a doctor will heal us not God. We have no money - we will go to the bank and borrow it - not pray to God to take care of the situation. We are depressed - we rely on things and people to make us happy - not God!

I complain because my house is dirty and takes hours upon hours to clean....after all I have a home and it isn't made of mud, bamboo, or thin pieces of cardboard. It's a mansion in Ugandan terms.

I complain because Seth keeps the house to cold (seriously, I complain about this all the time!)....after all I have electricity! The new orphanage buildings  that Refuge 127 is helping raise money to build will not have windows or doors because they have no access to electricity. In order for air to circulate windows and doors can't be put in. So yes, you can imagine what night time is like and bugs and insects and everything else does get in. 

Here are some of the buildings that are currently being built.

I complain because my stainless steal appliances always look dirty (with finger prints and what not...ya'll know what I mean?!)....after all I have a stove and a place to keep food cool. These orphans don't always know where there next meal is coming from. Seth said today to me that time and things move very slow in Uganda - he said it is really hard for the people to understand programs and the importance of having structure - he said "Babe they are just looking for food when they wake up in the morning...just trying to survive."

I complain because I don't have a new trendy outfit for the next social function in my life....after all I really have a closet full of clothes. When the team visits the orphanage yearly they often notice that the children have the same outfit on from the previous year. Yes. That means the only thing they own are the rags on their little bodies.

Here is my friend, Lacey Melancon with some of the orphans.

 Seth said approximately 5-10 years ago the gospel was first shared in this part of Uganda. So, learning about Jesus is something still new for them and they are extremely hungry to know more. But, remember how I said no sort of time there?! Yeah, well they have church for like 4 to 6 hours everyday! He told me today that they had to suggest to the bishop that the church services will need to be shorter because there is so much work that needs to be done while they are out there and they are on a time frame! You see in America we can't find one to two hours a week for church, but they want to spend hours upon hours in the presence of the Lord. While Americans are workers and know all about structure and implementing programs - Ugandans have no concept of that. So, that is where the team steps in and assist them in that.

At night after having attended church service and working the team travels back to there hotel near the orphanage. Seth said he is staying in a little room by himself and he currently doesn't have a sink, shower or bath tub. All he has is the spigot to get a little running water from. They will be at the orphanage until after the new year. This year they will celebrate the new year by having a church service at the orphanage at midnight tomorrow night! How cool will that be? Praising and worshipping God among 1000 orphans - all in one accord!

Update on Francis' wife....she is now out of the hospital! Praise the Lord for working fast in her life!

Meanwhile, at my home both of my kids have been diagnosed with the Flu now! My three year old, Juliette (we call her Juju) has gotten extremely sick and been severely effected by it. Today, I had to take her back to the doctor because the Tamiflu didn't help her at all and her congestion got so bad that she was having trouble breathing at night. She has been running really high fever also. Thank God for my parents. They always come to my rescue. Thank God for sweet friends who come visit and bring Starbucks to! Before today, I had stayed in the same clothes all weekend, didn't brush my hair, was lucky I had time to brush my teeth - basically around the clock taking care of sick kids. But, I had to go into my clinic today for at least a little while to get some work done before the new year - so my mom came watch the kids until we had to go back to the doctor! My office is next door to the pediatrician so sometimes that is extremely convenient to say the least. But, this round of sickness I see things a little more clearly. I normally get completely stressed out and moody. But, it's just different this time.

 I have lots of medicine for my kids, health insurance, the doctor's cell number if I have an emergency or need anything, and lots of loving family and friends praying and taking care of us....I am beyond blessed. I will not just go through the motions and take these things for granted. I am thankful. And I will give Him all the glory for it.

 Blessings to you and your family! Hope you all stay well during this crazy flu season!



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