Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One little word...+ Welcome 2014!

So I have decided to take the challenge to adopt one little word for 2014! One word that will guide me and motivate me throughout the year. Keep me reminded of what I plan to accomplish this year. One word that basically sums up what 2014 could be for me. Click on the link to read more about this challenge of one little word (creator Ali Edwards).

My word for 2014:

I plan to blast this word all over my life - in my house, my office, my car...and where ever else I spend a lot of time! Why you ask...well I need the daily reminder of where I want to Go and who I want to be in God.

Last year, I chose the word GROW and I really felt that word truly guided me through the months that made 2013. I felt I grew in friendships, I grew professionally, I grew in the word of God, I grew as a mother and as a wife and at the end of the day those are the things that really matter most. 2013 was a great year for our family and I am blessed to have been a part of it.

So, why explore? Well, I felt this word tied in to so many things I want to accomplish this year...explore...the true definition of explore means to:
travel in or through (an unfamiliar country or area) in order to learn about or familiarize oneself with it.
I have so many things I want to explore this year. After all aren't there unfamiliar things in your life - places or things you are avoiding, relationship you are staying away from, avoiding helping your neighbor or loved one, going the extra mile....what is it in your life you are not exploring?
I challenge you to search your soul, heart, and mind during this early season of 2014 and ask yourself...."If I could choose one word to sum up what I would desire 2014 to be like...what word would I choose?" If you desire change in your life - the first thing you must do - is set goals and a plan of action to get there. Just can't keep talking about it...have to take some action. Let's get in the game people!!
So here is my heart and why I have chosen EXPLORE:

A page I painted and created remind me of why I want to explore this year!

....I want to explore my heart and anything that is hard, not of God, bitter...I will let Go of in 2014. I want to explore my heart to go the extra mile, to love harder, go beyond the ordinary, beyond just the motions.
Here is a board I created at the last fundraiser for Refuge 127 - Tour of Homes.
....I want to explore my relationships....relationships with family and friends...and do more...pour into their lives more. Meet new people and develop and strengthen relationships that inspire and motivate me to live my life to the fullest. You see it really doesn't matter the number of friends we is the quality of that friendship! I often ask my clients in counseling to make a list of what I call "Toxic vs. Non Toxic". What does that mean - make a list of people who are truly toxic in your life, who bring you down, leave you feeling worse, drain the life out of you vs. the non toxic people. A non-toxic person inspires you, brings you up, leaves you feeling empowered, and loved. If I had to guess many people that you love greatly would in all actuality fall into the toxic category. So what does that better use some wisdom and boundaries with them...because they will keep you stuck and not accomplishing much in 2014! Remember God designed more for you!
...I want to explore more in scripture. This is one area I need to improve in and no matter what there is no excuse that is worthy of not doing this. I don't want the bipolar relationship with God - when I need him, down, depressed, and stressed I run to him and when I am feeling good and things are going great in my life - he gets pushed to the side. No...that can't happen. It won't happen - no ups and downs because after all he deserves all my praise and my time first and for most.
...I want to explore better health. My goodness...I drink too many McDonald's sweet teas and eat too many McD fries!!!!! I need help in this department my friends! I have always enjoyed working out, but I have been slacking in that department too!
...I want to explore this world both near and far. I feel God has showed me that I will travel to Africa this year and that is a little scary. Plus, leaving my children is the last thing I want to do. But, if it is His will for my life all things will work out for his Glory. I know there is Africa and tremendous needs there, but do you know how many needs we have in our city alone? My goodness - LOTS! We have people in our community who don't know Jesus, people in our city who are suicidal, families that are ending in divorce and violence, broken and dysfunctional homes, children that are abused, children that are neglected...yup...right in our little community! It is happening people...and if you don't believe me....come spend a day in the mental health world. 
Our team made large life size Africa's and people were able to grab off the board for a donation any picture that moved them or inspired them. Another picture of the decorations from the Tour of Homes.
Here are some table decorations that I made for the Tour of Homes fellowship hall.


Here is me and one of my dear friends Gabby - sitting in front of the "hut" that was created to look like a typical home in Uganda, Africa. This was designed for our annual fundraiser the Tour of Homes.
...I want to keep exploring my profession to greater depths. I feel the next step for me in that to obtain a Ph.D. It is completely scary too! Because after two bachelor degrees and a master degree in psychology counseling and a certification in divorce and custody mediation...I thought I was done...and so did my husband! But, I feel called to complete the last isn't necessary and isn't a job requirement, but I feel God has placed a program in my lap that just fits...that just makes sense. It is time consuming. Lots of reading. Lots of writing. But, with God and a supportive family all things are possible.
...I want to explore creativity. If you know anything about me...I create. It's my therapy outside of the office! I am happier when I create. People ask me: "How do you have the time to do this?" Well, I just make the time for it. I don't watch TV, don't play computer games, don't play iphone games, rarely lay on the sofa...when you cut that have time to create. But, please know the things I just listed are not wrong...everyone needs to find a release and way to relax. When you don't that is a problem! My release is just creating things! This year I will be completing the Project Life (documenting on paper and through pictures 2014).
My project life album for this year...keeping myself accountable.
My title page for 2014 project life.
 ....I want to keep exploring the vintage life! I have made so many great memories in 2013...I travelled with one of my best friends to the longest yard sale in America and found more vintage treasures than one can imagine. I also got a little booth to in houma at an antique store - where I sell items. I have also had craft and vintage sales at my house. All the money raised we have put towards Uganda, Africa. My next sale at my house will be Jan. 11th! Saturday morning! 

Somewhere in North Tennessee at the Longest Yard Sale!
 Update on Uganda: The team will be leaving tomorrow to begin the travels of heading back home. The team doesn't arrive until Saturday afternoon in New Orleans though. Once, they are back and I am able to talk to Seth and get pictures uploaded I will share with you all! Thanks to everyone who has been following along! You guys keep me inspired.

Happy 2014!
Best wishes!










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