Monday, August 2, 2010

5 things I love Sunday...

Hey guys!

So one of my favorite blogs of all time is Miss Elsie Flannigan's personal blog!! I became a fan of hers when she was designing for KI memories and she made an exclusive line called "Love, Elsie". When her products came out in Hobby and Ashley went crazy!! We are still hoarding her products...because she is no longer making scrapbooking products and we were such big fans! So, I visit her blog from time to time and she inspires me so much. One of the things I love so much about her blog is that every Sunday she post "10 things I love Sunday"....I think it is the coolest idea....she always post 10 things that either inspires her, she loves, she is happy get the point...right?

Well, this post is her idea...but it is something I would definitely like to continue! So, this week I will start with 5...but I hope you enjoy!

1. The new CHA release from Crate Paper called "Restoration"....oh my I can't wait to get it in my hands!! (Ashley will be selling it at her store!!)

2. This amazing song....
My husband sang this song today at church and it rocked!! 

3. This precious outfit from Target that I bought for Juliette today...don't you love all the cute things you can find there? That place is always dangerous for me...I can always find what I need and lots of extras!!!


4. Getting to scrapbook on a sunday night once both kids are sound alseep...most of the time when sunday rolls around I am so tired that I definitely don't get to do anything creative...but I am trying to manage my time better so that everything is done on sunday and I can actually scrapbook a little!
So here is what I made tonight...just a quick layout to add to juliette's book!  The picture is not the clearest...but the title is "Announcing...Juliette Marie"
5. Training for my up coming triathlons!! I have been wanting to do a triathlon for longer than I can remember...and since having Juliette I have decided to make it happen! I am doing a few local triathlon's coming up next month...the Trapon Triathlon in Bayou Black and the CajunMan Triathlon in Lafayette! If you want more information on them check it out or if you think you would like to do something like that...send me an email...I love having people to train with!

Have a good night!

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