Friday, July 30, 2010

Jacques' 3rd Birthday!

Jacques had his 3rd Birthday party this past weekend! I guess it was a success because the day after his party he asked me "Mommy am I having another soccer party today?"

A few months ago I was talking to Jacques and asking him what kind of birthday he would like to have. He began to explain to me what he had in mind...I was actually shocked to know that my child actually had a plan!! He told me that he wanted his birthday party at the EDWhite soccer field and that he wanted all his friends to wear there soccer uniforms to his party! He loves everything about soccer! When I tell him that Mommy played soccer when she was younger...he asks me to show him my cleats....he doesn't understand that I got rid of them 10 years ago! My dad has been teaching and coaching at EDWhite since I was a small child and never would I have thought I would see the day where my child would go with his "Pops" to the EDWhite athletic events! Jacques spends a good bit of time with my parents (his Mia & Pops) and one of his favorite things to do is go to EDWhite with his Pops!! For a three year is just too him the soccer players are professional!!

So, of course I planned this big day for him at EDWhite. He invited all his little friends, we set up flags and goals, brought tons of balls, even had a soccer cake made...along with soccer sports drinks, the key club volunteered and made snowballs for the kids, and the EDWhite mascot "T-Doug" even showed up!!

I made his birthday invitations and a little soccer banner with his name...just wanted to share it with you guys!

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