Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Ruby Girls

So I did a blog post here....and have included a tab on my blog...Labeled: The Ruby Girls!

Well, what is that exactly? Click on the link for more details....but just real quick....

It is a creative design team made up of family members (me, my sister in laws, and our cousin in law!) with the hope of inspiring others with creative photography, art, and design! All of the design team members have various talents and interest, but we have come together to form the Ruby Girls! I go into detail about the reason behind the name at the above link!

We recently did a creative photo shoot. (1940's inspired)...and I wanted to share with my fellow bloggers some of the photos we took....

Creative Team:

Me...acting as if I am not really sweating my butt off!

My sister in law - Mandy Holloway - and owner of MandyLens Photography -  and where the Ruby Girls will be creating!

Love this beautiful picture of her...taken by her husband....Shay (I like to call him Shay-Lens!)

Rachel - love these beautiful pics of her too! Rachel is joining Mandy Len's Photography and is soon graduating in Art Education!

Here is my other sister in law - Semonne - and she loves everything about photo shoots and modeling! But, I would too...if I was this photogenic!! Beautiful!

Inspired by Proverbs 31:10

Thanks for looking...be sure to check back for more updates from the Ruby Girls!

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