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Juliette's Vintage Candy Shoppe Party...

Oh wow.....ummm I wonder why I never got around to this post of Miss Juliette's 2nd Birthday party...I am sure any mom could relate...way too much going on!! But, any ways...Juliette (we call her Juju) turned 2 at the end of April and I spent a good bit of time creating a little Vintage Candy Shoppe for my little momma!!

I previously posted about the invitations I made and where you can purchase some awesome DIY invitations on etsy!

I also made a post about finding great birthday products and where I got my inspiration! The color scheme was aqua, red, and pink!

Photo from TomKatStudio

So here are a few collages I created of her special day!

I wanted to try out different filters on my pictures...so please excuse the variation in pictures! 

So I have broken down this post into a few categories...

1. Cupcakes & Candy (which includes the food/cake/candy of the party)
2. Decor (all the details and decorations)
3. Party Details (games, goodie bags, invites, etc)

So one of my most favorite things about her party was her ladder display of cupcakes!! I decided to use an old vintage 12 foot ladder that I have acquired since moving into our new house! I put wood planks across the ladder horizontally for the cupcakes to be displayed on!  I have a friend at work who makes the best cupcakes...Lainey can bake like no body's business!!! She is super talented and I always tell her I am ready to invest in her business because I know she would be a huge hit!! Here is a picture of the Cotton Candy Cupcakes (complete with individually wrapped cotton candy on a stick!!) I found little mini chalkboard planter sticks at Michael's a while back and they really came in handy for the party!!

We had three types of cupcake flavors:
1. Cotton Candy

2. Pink Lemonade
3. Strawberry Cream Cheese
The party was of course complete with a Vintage Candy Bar...
We had blue, red, and pink candy of course...blue and pink jelly beans, gummies, rock candy pops, sour cherries, pink malt balls, and strawberry wafers to name a few.
 We also had a fruit bar with various dips! The food was a success...it was truly the first party I threw in which I didn't have tons left over...I like the idea of simple party foods...stick to a small menu, but foods that everyone loves and you can't go wrong!! I mean who doesn't like cupcakes, candy, and fruit...prefect for your sweet tooth!!
The small cake in the middle was also made by my friend Lainey! It came out precious + it was delicious!!

I created banners by taring fabric and knotting it to twine...and then voila...I hung it up!!  I also created Dollie banners and draped them from side to side. I created a cluster of tissue balls and hung them from the center of the ceiling!
 Here are some pictures I took with my iphone too...
 of the tissue balls, garland, and Dollie banners

They were so super easy to make...you can find a ton of tutorials on pinterest helping you with this task!!

I decorated old wine bottles and also spray painted mason jars...and put flowers in them for added touches!

With the help of the hubby...I spray painted a large plank of wood with chalkboard paint and created a large chalkboard for all the kids to use (and a large place to display "Happy Birthday Juliette!") Plus...the kids are still using this chalkboard!!

I also set up a spot in which the kids could take a quick Polaroid using my instax camera...I made sure to include props and lots of jewelery for the kids to put on when taking pictures! It was the home made version of a photo booth!!

I set up a section at the party for family members and friends to leave a birthday wish for her! Some of the notes were so sweet and I will save them for years to come...and look forward to the day she can read them!!
After the note was complete they were able to use a clothes pin to clip the little birthday note to the old screen window!

Here is the birthday girl!  I bought her birthday dress from the etsy shop called Rock-n-Baby Boutique

From Rockn Baby Boutique

Lastly, the kids favors....what else other than toothbrushes...right?? Couldn't think of anything better!

 It was alot of work, but thanks to Juliette's Nannie for helping me out with all the set up and after looking at this video again...it makes everything all worth it!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Everything was beauiful and looked yummy!

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