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Blueberry & U pick Farms

One of  my favorite family summer time activities is blueberry pickin! And we are in peak season! Blueberry season typically runs from the end of may through july! Have you ever been pickin' before? Have you ever been to a u pick farm?

If you answered "NO!" owe yourself this experience!! Not only is it is such an inexpensive family activity!!

So what is a U pick farm?! It's an independently owned and operated farm that allows visitors to pick there own fruits or vegetables directly from their trees or bushes! Basically, you cut out the middle man...instead of having someone pick the fruits or vegetables and then packaging them for resale at a grocery do all that work!! You pick, weigh them, pay for them, and take it home for cleaning! Because you are doing all the will save money in comparison to the grocery store prices!!! Most of the blueberry farms I have picked from in the past I have paid about a $1 per lb. in comparison to double that price at a grocery store!


My little girl Juliette enjoys eating the blueberries right off the bush or from her bucket of blueberries! These pictures were taken at Bulter Blueberry Farm in West Monroe, LA


Here are some great places to Blueberry pick in Louisiana! (There are many more farms...I just listed a few, but if you have a favorite one and I didn't list it...please leave me a comment...because I would love to hear about it!)

Near the Baton Rouge Area:

Blueberry Ridge Orchard (is one of my favorite places to pick!! and there berries are $1 a lb.)
2199 Holly Ridge Road
Jackson, LA 70748
225-629-5311 or 225-629-5373
They also have a facebook page you can follow for updates on there season!

Berry Sweet Orchards
This was the first organic U pick certified farm in Louisiana
5110 Brown Rd.
Ethel, LA 70730

The Blueberry Farm
24393 Greenwell Springs Rd.
Greenwell Springs, LA 70739

Equi Terra Farm
12798 Muse Lane
Clinton, LA 70722

Blahut Strawberry Farm (this is a u pick Strawberry Farm)
(Strawberry season is typically April & May in South Louisiana)
24980 Fayard Rd.
Holden, LA 70744

North Louisiana Area:

Bulter Blueberries
735 Ole Highway 15
West Monroe, LA 71291

New Orleans Area:

Ridemore Ranch & Berry Farm
22154 John T Prats Rd.
Covington, LA 70435

Also there are lots of farms in the small town of Franklinton, LA!

Lafayette Area:

Daniel & Anna's Orchard
5116 Freetown Rd.
New Iberia, LA 70560
337-365-1690 or 337-380-3795
*This is a really nice farm that has many other fruits besides blueberries!*

Eddie Romero's Orchard
(Is across the street from Daniel & Anna's Orchard)
5119 Freetown Rd.
New Iberia, LA 70560
337-364-3370 or 337-380-0419

Also, there is an awesome Herb Farm that is located in the small town of Riverton, LA and it is located on the historic Breston Plantation that is open daily selling fresh cut herbs, plants, spices, eggplant, lavender, pecans, summer squash, winter squash, and tomatoes all when in season. The website is and the address is 276 Breston Lane Riverton, LA 71418. Riverton, LA is located south of Monroe, LA

Check out for a list of u pick farms in each state and it also includes international farms!
I have used this site many times when planning my pickin' adventures! One thing I like to do with my  family - is if I know we have a road trip planned out of town - I check to see if we will be passing near any u-pick farms and if so we make it a point to stop and pick!!
You can make this an all day adventure or just go for a few hours!

Here are a few tips to remember when you go pick:
1. If you are pickin' in the south - it will be hot has heck.... So bring water, towels, bug spray, and anything else that helps you stay cool and bug free!!
2. Bring buckets or plastic containers to put your pickin's in! Most of the time the farms have buckets to use when pickin there crop but you won't be able to take those make sure to arrive prepared!
3. Bring cash because most of the farms are still old school and use the good ole' cash/check only method and some are only cash!!
4. Be prepared to take some time to actually don't want to drive all the way out to the farm and not be prepared to sweat and work! It is fun work and a good don't stress, but do be prepared and ware comfortable clothes!!
5. Pick enough blueberries to share with friends and neighbors - it will be a nice summer surprise for them! Also, plan to pick enough so you can freeze!
6. Make sure before you drive all the way out to the u-pick farm...that they are actually open and have lots of blueberries to pick! Many of the farms don't have websites, but giving them a call prior to leaving will help out a lot!

I am certain that you can find a great farm nearby or definitely within an hour or two will make for a nice family outing and it will support our local farmers!!

Happy Pickin!!


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