Monday, September 10, 2012

My upcoming Craft / Garage Sale...

Hey Blogger Friends-

Just wanted to share that I will be having a craft / garage sale Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012 @ my home beginning @ 7:00 am - 12:00 noon!

<<< Here are the details >>>

1. Between owning a scrapbook store in the past, being obsessed with paper and everything else that goes along with it, teaching scrap classes, and antiquing/flea marketing often....I have acquired alot of stuff!! So, I have cleaned organized...and have been planning on having a little sale...because I want to see my goodies in other scrappers hands! Alot of the stuff I really like, but the reality that I will use very small...because I continue to buy the latest scrapbook lines or for scrappers "the new stuff" and never really get around to using the "old stuff"!!!

2. This garage sale will not just be crafty / scrapbook items....I will also have vintage papers and embellishments (lace, dollies, hankies, stamps, etc)

3. I will also have other items for sale besides the crafty / vintage things...our little family moved into our new house last nov. I have stuff that I haven't used since moving into the new that stuff is being sold too!

4. I will have free coffee for all the shoppers and a little open house! So, feel free to grab a cup of coffee and walk around my house if you would like...I will have it decorated for fall time...and maybe something will inspire you.

5. Really hope to see you Saturday, Sept. 22nd!!

<<< My House >>>

Address: 300 Ridgefield Rd.
              Thibodaux, LA 70301

(the corner of Ridgefield Rd. & West 7th)
You will see signs....I plan on posting some!

(This was our house last Nov. before any landscaping!)

<<< Garage Sales in the area >>>

If you want to make it a day of garage are few things to check out that might help you!

First...if you are a garage sale lover then you need to make sure to download the app Garage Sale will map out a route for you...and connect to your GPS on your iphone...really cool!!

Second...check the local newspaper....or check it online...Daily Comet or Houma Courier

Third....come prepared...large vehicle!!!

Hope to see ya'll!! If you have any questions please feel free to email me @

Also one more kick off Fall... since it is my favorite season and time of the year...found this on pinterest....hope you emjoy!

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