Monday, March 12, 2012

Miss JuJu is almost 2!!!

Can't believe the time is rolling around to begin planning my little lady's 2nd birthday...but it is! Juliette Marie turns 2 on April 21st...and I have begun the crafting/ planning stages and I wanted to share a little of what I have been up too (while that is besides...being buried in psychology books and work)

So her party theme this year will be Juliette's Vintage Candy Shoppe!

Here are some things that have inspired the theme and helped me to finalize the color choice....

Next, to get the inspiration rolling and to make sure that Miss Juju has all matching accessories at her little Candy Shoppe I ordered from The TomKat Studio...and boy do they have some cute things...if you haven't seen this site before...take some time and go check it out....I am in so many of the invitations and accessories are DIY/ that saves money, but still gives you a one of a kind look!

You can also follow them on pinterest and download free printable files....

Here is one that I will be printing for the up coming weekend...

So back to the party...Here are a few things that I ordered from the The TomKat Shop...

Needless to say...I love to plan a party...especially for my baby girl! I will continue to post updates on the party decor, crafting, and scrap projects that I complete for her special little day!


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