Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012!


In a way I am sad to say goodbye to was a year of so many wonderful memories and many blessings, it was one of those years that I really didn't want to come to an end! Just a few this amazing year...

Mardi Gras Half Marathon in Feb....which gets me a little motivated to get going again with the running!

Here are some pics of Jacques this year....He had a lot of firsts during this year....He played tee ball, started Pre-K, started piano lessons, started playing soccer, and went to his first Bowl Game for UL.   

Easter time...

We celebrated Juliette's 1st birthday in April....which makes me happy and sad at the same! Happy because she is becoming more independent and her personality is really starting to blossom, but so sad that the her first year flew by so fast and I no longer have a little baby girl in the house!

We took the kids on a summer vacation to was a spur of the moment kind of was quite the trip to say the least...Juliette was sick the entire time (and a baby throwing up at the beach doesn't = fun!) and to top that rained the entire weekend. We decided to take a quick trip because Jacques really wanted to see a blueberry farm, so we found one in Florida near the Pensacola area...and it proved to be well worth it! It was such a great experience and I know that is something that we will do for years to come!

In August Seth and I took a trip to Washington, DC....Seth went for work...I went for play....and I felt like the old college kid again...exploring the city with no worries, no kids, no was awesome! This is a trip I will never forget for many reasons, but mostly because during this time Seth and I decided to put our first home up for sale, so by the end of august when we got back home...we were purchasing for sale signs!
Putting our first house up for sale proved to be the best decision we ever made! Not only did we sell our house really fast, we sold it for the price we wanted, and the interest rates were at an all time we didn't wait and we placed an offer on a beautiful 75 year old home...and by Oct. 31, 2011 we signed the paperwork for our new home! It was truly only the blessings of God that everything happen so fast and in a way only one could dream...I don't take any of the credit...I just thank God for his blessings in our lives.

After that got crazy between us putting the house for sale, closing on two houses, packing with a 4 year old and 18 month old, moving in, remodeling, etc....See why I haven't been able to blog or scrapbook!!

But, I must say it was all worth it...because we have fell in love with our home...

The holidays came fast and went fast...probably because we were working so much, but Thanksgiving break Seth and I took a cruise to Mexico with some of our best friends. It was a nice break, but had the trip not been booked so far in advance and paid for....we would have opted out to work on our home...but I know it was something I needed to do!

The holidays were in full swing around my house...I did tour of homes to help raise money for the Refuge Ministry and Uganda orphanage that my sister in law and brother in law will be traveling to in a few days. It was an awesome turn out....I worked (with alot of help of family and friends) around the clock to get my house ready for the event...but I am thankful that I was able to give in some small part. After all that is what Christmas is really all about...and this season I was able to really experience that.

For the few people that read by blog...I promise (well I say that every year...) that I will blog more...but this year I am making the commitment to 365...which doesn't mean that I will be blogging everyday (I know I would break that promise)...but it does mean that I am snapping a picture everyday of something that is going on in my life! So, with that I promise I will be sharing more, scrapping more, creating more, and hopefully writing more because the years really do just go by way to fast!

So, Welcome 2012...
I am ready to tackle another year, but most of all I hope to look back in a year and say I grew more spiritually. More Creative. More Tech savvy...using various forms of social media and blogging. And More disciplined to make all these things happen!


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