Sunday, January 15, 2012

Frame it...or not!

Hello bloggers!

Just a quick post to hopefully inspire you a little! So one of my latest obsessions (oh I have way too many) is, love, love vintage frames, old broken frames, really any frame....because with a few distressing techniques or spray have something completely new and something uniquely yours!

Here are a few things I have been doing around my home...

Here are three open distressed frames...I have hanging in my children's bathroom. I stapled twine to the back of the frame, so I could hang pictures and mini scrap pages of Juliette and Jacques. I used various vintage items for the scrapping, along with some Glitz Design and Melissa Frances products.

Here are some close ups of each frame....
That is Miss Juliette Marie...and the black and white picture is her Papa (side their father..."Papa"...we don't have a "Daddy" in the house...we have the best "Papa" in the house!) he is holding her for the first time! It is moments like that...that cause me to scrapbook!!

Mr. Jacques handsome 4 1/2 year old...that makes my heart skip a beat!!

The last of me and seth...that first picture is of me and seth celebrating our first christmas together (the year it actually snowed in Louisiana for Christmas!)

I love black and white and sepia photos...I also like a combination of open frames without glass or the traditional way...with pictures in them....but this picture is framed in me and Seth entrance to our was one of my engagement pics (which feels like many moons ago!). The decor around it is some sprayed painted planks of wood and a silver vase with sprays to add a little more height!

This frame I purchased in Breaux Bridge during the city wide garage sale...for $20 bucks and it is well over 100 years old! It is one of my best purchases thus far! The frame had no glass when I bought it and I knew I wanted to keep it that way! At first I thought I was going to make it a mirror, but after some thought I scratched that idea and strung twine and clipped photos of me and Seth along with vintage keys and gold leaves (and for Christmas...a little ornament!).

 Open frames are just as nice need for the glass...right?
Take the glass it and use it for another this one....

I like to mix open frames with regular framed pictures...

Then there is always a college wall...
If you have lots of frames..but none of them match....remember there is always spray comes in every color possible!!

An open 16x20 frame on my night stand...I plan on doing something else with it...put for now it will do!

Here is another open frame that I have in my living room...I put it on a plate stand and hung some ornaments from it during the holidays!

This was another open frame that I had bought in...guess??? (ummm, yes Breaux Bridge!!) I put cork board behind the open frame and then scrapped a little layout of Juliette on an old vintage record...and used tacs to hold the layout up!

For the holidays I was inspired to decorate an old vintage ladder...I rapped it with lights, fresh garland, and burlap...then hung a few frames on it! The frames on the ladder are from Habait for Humanity ReStore...I got lots for all less than a dollar! Remember who cares if they appear ugly...there is always spray paint...right?

Then there are vintage windows...oh my the possibilities are unlimited with these!! If you are looking for a large selection of them for a great price...take a ride to denham springs, la...and visit the Rusty Rooster

 So Valentine's Day is right around the corner...which is over rated, but it gives me an excuse to make cute things and decorate!!
I decided to decorate my table and used a 4x6 frame as part of the centerpiece!

I have two shelves in my dining room...that I use as my inspiration wall...I change it around all the time and with each holiday or event...I do something different! For Valentine's I wrote "Love" on a little chalkboard...and then put it next to some open frames!

Here is the fireplace in my sun room...I decorated the mantle using planks of wood, old screens (or large frames would do), and then strung lights! It was so simple and I like the way it came out!

Here are some great framing ideas that I got from pinterest....if you don't have a pinterest yourself a favor and get one....leave me a comment and I can send you a friend request if you haven't gotten an invite yet!

For the how to here

Like this...check her blog out...

If you don't want to do the frames can buy them from etsy!

Find more great this blog...

Like what you see in this here for more

Hope you are little more inspired in the frame department!!
Now...go create!!

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Susan Serigny said...

All of this is so nice. It's really simple, but you have to have the vision. Me, not so much!

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